Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How to check Voltage regulator for GM Tech2 Scanner

Where to find the correct voltage for the GM Tech2 diagnostic tool ?

 So here is the corresponding list, I have not tested:
Yuan Dean Scientific 67D-12S05RNL
Aimtec AM15E-1205SZ
Aimtec AM15E-1205SIZ
Intronics W15C-12S5
Motien V7E-1205S15
Motien V7-1205S15
Minmax MKW2522
Minmax MKW2529
Murata (C & D) UWR-5/3000-D12A-C
Traco TEN 15-1211
Traco TEL 15-1211
Recom RP15-1205SF


The Tech-2 is the same tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM vehicles. The GM Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2011.
Here is the native voltage regulator, which was after buying vetronix tech 2 Scanner
I was often asked how to work with Tech 2 before you replaced the regulator. important! Regulator must be replaced! And those who did not finish, and want to have his device did not restart each time a skill. Below is a pinout diagram for the connector Obd ii scanning tool, which we need to disable temporarily for 16 pins. AC Power Technology 2 Power is supplied from the power supply on the device or from a second battery using a tick in the kit.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

How to do radio relearn with Tech 2 GM 33.002

Confirmed! I am running a clone GM Tech2 scanner with GM 33.002 software and find the radio vin relearn option.

Now , use it everyday at work. Tech 2 (and Tech2Win) for VIN relearn in radios on GM's.

Note that this is not a tech2 option/feature for late model gm , if your vehicle is prior to 2008 this option is done with the tis2000 software most likely included in the purchase of the china tech2 clone. if the tis2000 software is not available or your vehicle is 2008 or newer then you need to purchase a subscription with gm tisweb at acdelcotds.com for usa and Canada or global tis for the rest of the world I believe. the sub is 55 usd for 2 days.

You did not specify the Year/Make/Model you are working on, but sometimes VIN write for radio will not show up if incorrect radio is selected during vehicle communications.

Generally it is under BODY -> (appropriate) RADIO -> SPECIAL FUNCTIONS -> VIN Relearn
Some newer CAN vehicles have it under the vehicle systems -> module setup -> Radio

This is what I was just going off:

1. Main Menu: Select “Diagnostics”

2. Vehicle Identification: select

– Model Year >>> (radio came from an 04 Escalade or whatever)

–LD Trk, MPV, Incomplete;

3. System Selection: Select “Body”

4. Vehicle Identification: select

– Appropriate model

– Appropriate Air Conditioning

– Navigation Radio

5. Body: Select “Navigation Radio”

6. Radio: Select “Special Functions”

7. Special Functions: Select “VIN Relearn”

8. VIN Relearn: GM Tech2 will display “Do you want to clear radio theft information?”

9. To begin clearing, press the soft touch key on the top right of the scan tool. The scan tool will display “Clearing Radio Theft in Progress.”

10. Press “EXIT” on the scan tool and cycle the ignition.


1. The radio theft will learn the VIN. Without learning the VIN, the radio will display a locked message (LOC or LOCKED).

2. Another way is to see if the sound works by installing the radio, and not turning the key to ON, just ACC. that will work the radio for a test.

If option is not available recheck RPO codes/radio type and make sure it is selected correctly.

TIS2000 software is not required for any GM module setup if you own a GM Tech 2 scan tool.

If you have never flash a gm vehicle I will recommend you to watch some videos on youtube so at least you have an idea of how is done.

Good luck.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How to install TIS2000 on any computer Windows XP/7/8

Guide to installing TIS2000 on any computer:

I read through all 39 pages of the gm tech 2 Clone thread today and noticed that some people were having problems installing TIS2000 on machines running anything other than Windows XP Pro 32-bit. In the following, I am going to explain why this seemed to be the case and show how you CAN install TIS2000 on machines other than WinXP Pro.

Window 64 bit or 32 bit:
64-bit versions of Windows contain backwards compatibility with 32-bit applications, but not with 16-bit applications. And 32-bit versions of Windows are backwards compatible with 16-bit applications. The problem with installing TIS2000 on newer machines is that, while the TIS2000 program itself is 32-bit, the installer and drivers are 16-bit. Therefore, you are able to install TIS2000 natively on ANY 32-bit Windows system. This will just work, without having to run anything in compatibility mode.

Windows 8 32 bit:
However, if you have a 32-bit copy of Windows 8 installed (I don’t wanna know why you do), running 16-bit applications are disabled by default. You can enable it by going to Control Panel and clicking on 16-bit Application Support then clicking Enable.

Windows 7 with XP Virtual PC:
For those of you with genuine copies of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate with a multi-core processor (who doesn’t run Win7 on a multi-core these days); these versions of Windows 7 allow you to use Windows Virtual PC, which lets you virtually run Windows XP Pro without a disc or OS installation. You need to install Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC in order to use it. Before you can download these updates, M$ makes you run a little .exe that checks if your OS install is legitimate. Anyway, after you get that all installed and XP Mode is booted, you can copy the OP’s cracked TIS2000.zip over to the WinXP Desktop and follow the README.txt inside to install it. Here is a link with the cracked TIS2000 http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/tis2000-cd-and-usb-key-for-gm-tech2-gm-car-model.html
…I have tested this on my desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the cracked copy of TIS2000 the OP posted installed and ran with no problems. Instructions for Win7 XP Pro virtualization mode here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/w…e-in-windows-7

Now to the most common problem:
If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Home Premium or lower, or ALL versions of Windows 8 and 8.1, I guess any version of Mac or Linux too, you have a couple of more involved and more risky options…

You can obtain a copy of Windows 2000 or XP Pro 32-bit. It includes two programs for making a bootable CD or USB drive. Pop the bootable device you created into your laptop, reboot to the device, then install that operating system onto a seperate partition of your hard drive, or a different hdd altogether. Or you can install Virtualbox (free software), and run the cracked Windows copy via a virtual machine… The method I took to test this was to create a separate partition on my ssd and install it there. When the computer reboots, it will ask you what OS you would like to run. Select Windows XP Pro, then continue installing TIS2000 software. If you’re gonna be writing to the main drive on your computer, I suggest first creating a bootable USB with Clonezilla on it and creating a drive backup with that http://clonezilla.org/downloads.php  …This allows you to make a complete backup image of your hard drive, and allows you to flash it back to that drive at any time. A good thing to have around anyway.

I do not have a GM Tech2 scanner and am unable to test that everything is working with any of these methods. However, I see no reason why these solutions will not work with a RS232 to USB Convertoron any computer you may have without a serial port.

BIG thanks to the contributor @Anthony1s from saabcentral.com

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tech2 program a module: pass-through or go-between method?

For users with GM Tech2 scan tools:

If you’re trying to program a module, there are two methods. One is pass-through and the other is using the Tech 2 as a go-between.
In detail… look here:
The pass-through is to use with a laptop in the vehicle and it just uses the Tech 2 as the connection between. This is the fastest and easiest way to do it.
That is, the data are directly downloaded from the PC to the ECU in the vehicle.
Although the GM Tech 2 is still necessary in the mode, the data entry and the download control is done directly at the pc. Altogether, the method is faster, and it is recommended when a pc with TIS2000 software is within 3m of a vehicle.

  1. Connect Tech 2 to the vehicle.
  2. Connect Tech 2 to the PC switch on Tech 2.
  3. Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
  4. Select the icon ‘Service Programming System’ (Fig. 1) on the TIS2000 start page.
  5. Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
  6. On the screen ‘Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process’ (See picture below) make a selection for

***Pass-Thru mode
***the reprogramming of an ECU that was not exchanged or the replacement/programming of a new ECU

***the ECU location.
Then clock ‘Next’ button.

The go-between method is for when you can’t bring the computer into the vehicle and uses the gm Tech2 scanner as a go-between. You connect the Tech 2 to the vehicle and download the module information that you want to program. Then you disconnect, run to the computer running Tis2000, connect it to the computer and download the programming information for that module, disconnect again and run back to the vehicle, connect it and it automatically programs the module. It can take a long time depending on the module (PCM is the longest).

Have fun in GM Tech II programming!
Good luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

GM Tech II from Obdii365.com or Aliexpress?

Looking for a Tech II scanner
One is from Aliexpress
The other from Obdii365.com
Compared the two...

The one on aliexpress didn't mention any designations such as -B, -C etc. (or part number at all), so at that price it may likely be one of the cheaper hardware versions, which steered me towards obdii365. 

I asked a couple of the sites and they mention that the suffix denotes the manufacturer, with 'B' being the best. (as opposed to the plain SP23 or SP23-C)

SP23-B3 would be the version without the plastic case. For the most part, the model numbers seem to hold true for a bunch of the different vendors.

obdii365 also had this on the site to explain the differences, plus another vendor confirmed the info in an email request I sent out yesterday:

Tips Help you choose suitableTech II:

There are 5 configurations of Tech2 on our website, they are SP23-B3, SP23-B, SP23-C and SP23, SP23-1

All of them have the same function, their differences are :
SP23-B is the best Tech2 with Black Carry box, more stable
SP23-B3 is the SP23-B with carton box and best quality 
SP23, SP23-C is the same as SP23-B, it also includes the Black carry box, but comes from another manufacture.
SP23-1 is the most cost effective one, it is with carton box, will help you save much more money.

In conclusion:
If you need the most professional Tech2 with best quality, please choose SP23-B ,because it has a black carry box.
If you need cheaper Tech2 with best quality, please choose SP23-B3

So, my decision:
I just ordered one from obdii365.com to play around with. It looks like the SP23-B is supposed to be the better unit.
The one I ordered shows this software version: GM- English 33.004 1991- 2013
My buddy at the Chevy dealer says theirs is also at v.33.004

I didn't need the case, plus the one I ordered was the only one they had free shipping offered. In fact, Aliexpress or obdii365.com is not a matter. My main concern was getting the better of the units for a few bucks more. Some other sites have cheaper models that sound good, until you add the shipping. It's all pretty relative, sounds cheap 'til you add shipping, or looks higher priced but shipping 'included' Smile. Plus 365 had something like a 30 day policy vs. the other one I looked at that only had 7 days.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

GM TECH2 or VXDIAG Nano to diagnose Chevry Corvette 1996 BCM

Looking for Chinese GM scanner to troubleshoot the BCM on the 1996 OBD2 Chevrolet Vettes, purpose is to cycle the ABS pump, diagnose air bag module among other things.

Budget is supposed to be around $350.00 and if it doesn’t last that long at least it’s cheaper than the thousands.

Optional GM scanner tools:
a used Tech 2 original

Here we go for their reviews
  1. a used Tech 2 original will not be mentioned here, since everyone knows it is best, for the used one, you can try at your own lucky.
  2. GM Tech2 Chinese reviews
1) It says it covers most 1991 to 2013 GM cars.
I just bought one off Ebay and I am going to give it a try. I purchased it from a US seller but there are others from China. I contacted the seller and asked if it would cycle the ABS pump on a 1996 Corvette and other body control module diagnostics, he said that it would.
It does come with the 32 Mb flash card for GM. He has Saab and Isuzu cards and they are $60.00 each.
2) I have used the Tech2 Chinese I purchased for numerous ABS ,BCM as well as ECM / PCM concerns on a wide variety of GM OBD II platforms………..
As you know, the title doesn’t specify which year and model of GM, the following parts take C6, 07 2500 GMC for example.
I have my C6, 07 2500 GMC, 09 Cobalt that it will work on. Have another scan tool for our foreign cars.
Surprises were, this thing is bigger than I thought. It’s a foot tall by 6″ wide. It needs the velcro straps it comes with.
Tested it on my GMC truck and all seems fine. Connector for older OBD1 as well for 91-95,6 too. Latest software for GM 33.004.
The memory card works in either slot, I tried both although the disc says to install in upper slot. It’s a tight fight because the spring loaded door doesn’t quite open enough for the card to slide in easily. I got it in with a touch of prying. Not a big deal.
Entire purchase process was easy with no problems at all. It is a great scan tool kit for not much money. Time will tell how it holds up long term but from other members reports they are getting years out of them.

Sorry about the lousy pics.

  1. VXDIAG VCX Nano for GM reviews:
1) They now also have software that lets you use your laptop with the same software thats on the Tech 2 unit, it’s called a “GM Nano” ..
The Tech 2 GM Nano for the laptop is $119.00 compared to the Chinese Tech 2 clone which is around $250.00 to $300.00…..
Recently ran into an issue where i wanted to replace my aftermarket pioneer (didn’t like it and much prefer my smart phone) with a stock unit. Found a cheap OEM unit on eBay. After install, i realized that factory head units are tied to the original cars VIN. No problem, i’ll pay the dealership to fix the issue. Only problem they outright say they CANNOT guarantee they can fix the locked status of my radio and i’d still have to pay. As an IT/Network technician, i couldn’t imagine telling people i can’t guarantee i can fix your network or pc problems, but you still owe me full price plus tax.

Enter the VXDIAG VCX Nano. I was looking into clone tech II’s for the past couple weeks and stumbled onto this gem. There is very little info on this product, but i still had more faith in this thing and myself more than my own dealership so i took the plunge. For $119, i basically have the software version of a tech II device. I was able to unlock my radio in a matter of minutes. Have never used a real or upscale scan tool device so i can’t compare but just poking through some of the menus, it looks like i can do anything a tech II can. Cool thing is that the tech2win software runs just fine on my Windows 10 64bit laptop. Would be even cooler with a surface pro or similar tablet. I’m sure there are reasons for owning an actual tech II device over just software, but i wanted to try something different out of curiosity and explore other options for those that want an even cheaper alternative.
Credits to @bgspot (member of corvetteforum.com)

2) Using the VXdiag NANO and tech2win application, I have been able to access every tech2 function including completing a CPS variation relearn, access all abs and airbag troubleshooting functions on my ’99 C5 corvette. I have also been able to access Service Programming System functions using TIS2000 and the vxdiag nano to update the PCM. This is very promising because of the price in comparison to a tech2 clone.
The catch? I don’t think it will work on all GM vehicles. When attempting to interface with my ’97 camaro, I was unable to access the ABS or airbag functions of the tech2, receiving a communications error. I guess my camaro is still old enough where the abs and airbag functions are performed over the OBD1 data bus (although it has an obd2 connector). However, I was able to carry out programming using the tis2000 application and access transmission and drivetrain functions.

How to make the connection between the VCX Nano and the computer:
You plug the device into the OBD2 port, and then you either use Wifi back to the laptop to connect that way , or you can use a usb cable instead.
You have options: USB version & Wifi version

A used Tech 2 original depends on your budget.
GM Tech 2 scanner is verified been working as a real one for many years, google and you will search many good reviews.
VXDiag VCX Nano for GM, based on windows, is verified working fine too and sales at cheap price, the users are supposed to have skills to install the driver, but it’s okay if you follow the video and instruction.

If you are in the market for a tech2 for your C5 corvette, I think you should not purchase a tech2 clone. Instead, go for the MDI clone, or maybe the vxdiag nano if you are willing to risk the fact it seems to be hit or miss depending on the vehicle(s) you plan to interface with.
One other thing to note, if you are intending to do programming, the TIS2000 application has not been updated by GM since 2008. Instead, they now use an alternative online based application called ’tis2web’. While TIS2web has been cracked for the european export GM vehicles, it has not yet been cracked for north american operation GM vehicles. As a result, if you are using a newer vehicle for programming, you will really need to purchase a 3 day subscription to tis2web.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

GM Tech2 Saab 9-3SS Walkthrough

Saab 9-3SS Walkthrough


Buy GM Tech2 scan tool. Make sure you get Saab 148 card.


Get out an old laptop or buy one. It needs Windows XP and a serial port. I run a Dell D630. You can try USB to serial adapters or newer versions of Windows but do you want to mess around with getting old software to run on new computers?


Download cracked TIS2000 online install it on the laptop.



The PCMCIA card comes preinstalled in the Tech2. It also comes with a bunch of adapters. You find the one that hooks under the dash. Connect that to the Candi module (that comes with the TEch2) and connect it under the dash. The candi module connects to the tech2. Turn on the tech 2 (the obd2 powers it, no need for wall or cigarette lighter power) and you can read DTCs and stuff.


Now if you want to make changes (such as comfort close or whatever you want to do) there is a menu item on the tech2 that says "Common Adjustments". Go in there and pick the one you want. Hit ok and then the Tech2 will say it needs security access and tells you what to do to get it (which is basically disconnect the tech2....yes it powers down...and hook up the tech 2 via ethernet cable that is supplied that hooks into a ethernet/serial connector that is also supplied that you hook into the laptop.) Connect the AC adapter to the wall to power the Tech2. You fire up the TIS2000 software on the laptop and on the main screen it says "Get Security Access". Click on that and it communicates with the Tech2. Click through a few screens and a minute later and it says Level 1 access granted. You unhook the tech2 from the laptop and head back to the car and go back in and change things to your hearts content. Where before it would ask you to get security access you don't need to anymore.

To make things even easier instead of disconnecting the tech2 from the car and having to power it while it communicates with the laptop (the AC adapters are flaky apparently) I just run an extension cord out to my car for the laptop. Disconnect the tech2 from the car when it prompts you to, reconnect it to the obd2 for power, and also to the laptops serial port. Do everything all connected up. It gets a bit crowded in there with a laptop and tech2 and cables, but they can just sit on the passenger seat.