Thursday, January 4, 2018

GM Tech2 for ALL systems - HP Tuners only for ECM & TCM

What is GM Tech2:
The Tech 2 scan tool, working with TIS2000 software, supports onboard diagnostics and full bi-directional control when performing powertrain, chassis and body diagnostics for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden.
What is HP Tuners:
The HP Tuners vcm suite is the most feature rich, powerful and comprehensive vcm/PCM reprogramming and diagnostics package available on the market today. Vcm suite is the ultimate tuning tool designed for basic Tuners to advanced tuning shops.
GM Tech 2 vs. HP Tuners:
HPT can only work with ECM and TCM
Tech II can work with ABS, BCM, etc. (all systems)
But, Tech 2 can only change/do stuff GM intended where HPT can change all kinds of tables GM wouldn’t want us messing with
So both have pluses/minuses depending on what you want to do

Tech 2 scan tool:
confirmed to works good for ALL systems

I just checked my Tech II clone against my 2006 C6. In the ABS section there is an “Automated Bleed” option. In the Radiosection there is a “VIN Relearn” option. I’ve never actually used either one, but I bet it works.
The Tech II clone is literally running the same software as the Tech II, so it has all the same functions. There are a few caveats: the standard clone power supply will cause the unit to reset if you run the starter motor, apparently, though this can be fixed. Also, operating while tethered to a PC involves a bunch of licensing hacks and other nonsense. But you only need to do that if you want to flash the ECU firmware.
The Tech II lets you see (and individually reset) all the DTCs from all the modules. It also has a bunch of special functions and bidirectional capabilities.
It’s great as a standalone diagnostics tool but it isn’t intended to modify ECU parameters like tuning software does. This is a tool for fixing the car, not modifying it.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How to use GM Tech2 scan tool for Chevrolet C5 diagnostic?

This is a write-up for those with a GM Tech 2 scan tool on Chevrolet C5

Tech 2 scanner is a diagnostic tool for the most part. It can be used to program out/in certain RPO’s in the BCM and can be used to bleed the ABS brake system without introducing air into the system. The extent to which it can be used to tune a Chevrolet C5 is that if you have a PCM Image that will work for your car you can save the current PCM Image and flash the new one you have onto the PCM. It cannot go in and individually change the tuning tables in the PCM as can say either EFI Live or HP Tuners tuning tools. But then those tools cannot touch the BCM either.
If you do or plan to do a lot of diagnostic work on your car it can be a worthwhile tool. Most of the diagnostic charts in the factory service manual assume the availability of a Tech 2. But you have to learn to use the tool like any other computerized diagnostic tool. It has layers and layers of menus to wade through. But in certain diagnostic situations it can be an invaluable tool because it allows you to turn on and off hundreds of computerized settings to aid in the diagnosis process.
GM intentionally dumbed down the capabilities of the Tech 2 to change things to avoid law suits due to an errant technician that changed engine or emissions settings that could result in engine damage or emissions violations.

GM Tech2, the bi-directional scan tool can access all the 10 computers in the c5 corvette. That means it can scan for DTC codes, allow the adding or removing of most accessory codes like turning off the mag ride shocks to install regular schocks, fixing window regulator problems, etc. For Bi-directional it can active the ABS system to flush the brake fluid, reset the Long Term Fuel Trims, eliminate the 1-4 shift on manual trans, etc. It cannot make changes (like a tune tool) to the transmission or engine management system. For the avid DIY’er it is a great tool.
In the C5, the “computers” (technically they are modules) and they communicate over the OBDII compatible DLC data bus to each other. The range from you radio to your ride control, to your HVAC system. Even the Bose head unit talks to the PCM and BCM through this bus, but the CD changer talks over a “private” data bus to the head unit.

The Sensor Modules that can be pulled up from the DIC are:
Only those C5’s with RPO F45 or F55 will have RTD.

Reference: Here is a very useful TECH2 pathing document that you can use to figure out how to get to the end result that you need to test.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How to set up GM Tech2 clone scanner?

As titled, here’s little guide on set up a GM tech2 clone scan tool.
Buy a GM tech 2. The Tech 2 remains an essential tool through at least the 2010 model year. Clones are available from $200-$350.
SP23-1 (no case) verify that it includes the 32 MB card
SP23-B3 no case, with 32 MB card and TIS2000 software
SP23-C plastic box, with 32 MB card , TIS2000 and candi interface
It should arrive within a week (took 5 days for me) from Hong Kong.
Some prefer SP23-B3, no case. I bought the sp23-c with candi. The unit comes with a CD and stickers.  You made your choice.
Get out an old laptop or buy one online e-shop. It needs Windows XP and a serial port. I run a Dell D630. You can try USB to serial adapters or newer versions of Windows but do you want to mess around with getting old software to run on new computers?

Download cracked TIS2000 from the software on GM forums or use the CD in package and install it on the laptop.

The PCMCIA card comes pre-installed in the gm Tech2. It also comes with a bunch of adapters. You find the one that hooks under the dash. Connect that to the Candi module (that comes with the TEch2) and connect it under the dash. The candi module connects to the tech2. Turn on the tech 2 (the obd2 powers it, no need for wall or cigarette lighter power) and you can read DTCs and stuff.

Now if you want to make changes (such as comfort close or whatever you want to do) there is a menu item on the tech2 that says “Common Adjustments”. Go in there and pick the one you want. Hit ok and then the Tech2 will say it needs security access and tells you what to do to get it (which is basically disconnect the tech2….yes it powers down…and hook up the tech 2 via ethernet cable that is supplied that hooks into a ethernet/serial connector that is also supplied that you hook into the laptop.) Connect the AC adapter to the wall to power the Tech2. You fire up the TIS2000 software on the laptop and on the main screen it says “Get Security Access”. Click on that and it communicates with the Tech2. Click through a few screens and a minute later and it says Level 1 access granted. You unhook the tech2 from the laptop and head back to the car and go back in and change things to your hearts content. Where before it would ask you to get security access you don’t need to anymore.
To make things even easier instead of disconnecting the tech II from the car and having to power it while it communicates with the laptop (the AC adapters are flaky apparently) I just run an extension cord out to my car for the laptop. Disconnect the tech2 from the car when it prompts you to, reconnect it to the obd2 for power, and also to the laptops serial port. Do everything all connected up. It gets a bit crowded in there with a laptop and tech2 and cables, but they can just sit on the passenger seat.

GM Tech2 Shift Up Light Programming Guide

Guide to add indicator to Shift Up Light by using GM Tech2 scanner.

Main Steps:

Make good connection between GM tech 2 GlobalTIS and vehicle.

1. Select Model year 2004

2. Select Saab 9-3 Sport (9440)

3. Click F4:All

4. Select F3: Body

5. Select Driver Inforamtion

6. Select Transmisson Indicators

7. Select F2: Adjustments

8. Select F0: Shift Up Indication

9. Select Reading all vehicle Seed

10. You's see current setting is ON. Add indicator success.


Program Daytime Running Light with GM Tech2 scanner

GM group Daytime running light dlr programming guide by using GM tech2 scan tool.

Main steps:

Make good connection between GM tech 2 GlobalTIS and vehicle.

1. Select Model year 2004

2. Select Saab 9-3 Sport (9440)

3. Click F4:All

4. Click F7: Add/Remove

5. Select F1: Control Modules

6. Select UEC Module

7. Select Add

8. Click on Adding Unit

9. Select Fixed nozzle headlamp washers

10. Select gear box type: Manual

11. Select With or Without rain sensor

12. Select head lamp type: Xenon

13. Select Xenon type 2

14. Select With or Without fog light front

15. Select Automatic Low Beam only in Pos 2 (VERY IMPORTANT)

16. You have made another selection than the Tech 2 auto suggest. Press YES to continue

with your selection.

17. Select head lamp assembly: Sidemarker (US/CA)

18. Select With or Without extra lights

19. Select market: EU

20. Select Headlamp washers

21. Checking selection

22. Turn ignition key to LOCK position

23. Remove ignition key

24. Add/remove ECU finished

25. Select F5: Most Common Adjustments

26. Select Fog Lights Front

27. Current setting: Pos 1 and 2 (ROW)

Desired setting: Pos 1 and 2 (ROW)

28. Checking vehicle specifics

REC Automatic low beam also in Pos 1

UEC Automatic low beam only in Pos 2
If mismatch occurs, you'll have to change in REC.




Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to Buy a working Clone GM Tech2 Scanner?

Has anyone bought/used one of Chinese Tech 2 scanner (clone)? If so is it any good? I ask this as I’m contemplating buying one. And there are soooo many versions of Tech2 clone; which one should i have?

Reply: Look the chart and tech2 review below. Maybe it can help you a lot.

  1. GM Tech 2 package difference:
Item NO.PackageWeight32MB CardCANDITIS2000 USB KeyHot or not
SP23Plastic Case5.1kgYesYesYes★★★★★
SP23-1Carton Box3.5kgYesYesYes★★★★★
SP23-BPlastic Case4.8kgYesYesYes★★★★★
SP23-B3Carton Box3.2kgYesYesYes★★★★★
SP23-CPlastic Case8.9kgYesYesYes★★★
SP23-DPlastic Case8.9kgYesYesYes★★★
SP23-D1Plastic Case8.9kgYesYesYesJust add 1 vci module (sp23-v)
All of GM Tech2 are same functions, they are just from different factory.
SP23,SP23-1 the same, just the package case is different, one is with plastic case, one not.
SP23-B,SP23-B3 the same factory, the packing is different, one is with plastic case, one not.

  1. GM Tech 2 accessory:
Item NO.NameFunction
SO22-B32 MB CARDneed more cards, buy so22-b to add
SP23-ZGM Tech2 Main UnitGM Tech 2 Multiplexer
SP23-VGM Tech2 VCI moduleVCI
SP23-JGM Tech2 KeypadKeypad
SP09-BGM Tech2 CANDICandi with express shipping
SP09GM TECH2 CANDICandi with post shipping
SF63Main Test Cable for GM TECH2Main Test Cable
SO104OBD2 16PIN Connector for GM TECH2OBD2 Cable
SO01TIS2000 USB Key for GM carsWork with Tech2 for GM cars’ programming function before 2007 year.
SO01-BTIS2000 USB Key for SAAB carsWork with Tech2 for SAAB before 2008 year cars’ programming.
SP235ISUZU DC 24V Adapter Type II for GM Tech2can do ISUZU 24V truck

So, it’s worth having a Tech 2 clone?

It’s a customer review. Read it and get the truth.

Received the GM Tech 2 clone today. Five days from China, not bad for free shipping. Checked it out and everything is working fine except the AC-to-12VDC power adapter (dead). No problem, because I can get one anywhere for $5. In short, that is a nice piece of equipment to have, very nice!
Aside from working beautifully with OBD2, the tech2 is the scanner for GM OBD1 to use. with the right software (plug in chips like nintendo cartridges) it’ll do some daewoo/suzuki, GM medium duty (meaning bigger than 3500 using non automotive OBD2 standards), and other in the GMdistant family tree too.
In addition to generic codes (P0000-P0999) It’ll do all the proprietary GM codes (P1xxx), actuators, and systems. you can also view fuel trims, emissions readyness (beyond a green LED for all OK) and It’ll talk to ALL the modules rather than just the ECM (and if you get into the $250+scanners, ABS) like BCM, SIR, entertainment, EVERYTHING on a GM. At school I used one with a 91+ cartridge on my 87 S10, so going back further is hit or miss but possible.
To adjust shift points and fuel consumption and Speedo, forget it.
The TECH2 can’t do any sort of modding/tuning, only upload GM flashes. At least with legitimate software. I’m sure someone has custom software to do it but there are easier ways nowadays.
Is it worth if you just want to read/clear codes on your own car once in a while, heck no. If you’re doing a lot of work on GMs or want to get a lot more in depth with your car, it’s worth the money.
No comment on China knockoff quality, I mean a working tech2, Chinese made or not.
See my GM tech2 scan tool. It’s working well.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tech2 Opel Vauxhall 184 bins & GDS2 2017 Download Free

This is a collection of the current version of Opel Tech2 Vauxhall 184.000 .bin files download free for everyone that uses it for diagnostics in all the 26 languages that it comes in.

Free download Opel Vauxhall 184.000 bins
*The .bin files also work with Tech2Win.

Free download Opel Vauxhall GDS2 deliverable.rar
*This included the Opel Vauxhall deliverable package (1/2017) for GDS2 Diagnostics.

Here are something to those new to this....

Where do I put files please?

The .bins are for either programming your Tech2 32mb memory card with or used with Tech2Win on your computer.

For Tech2Win you can put the .bin anywhere you want just point Tech2Win in the location of where you put it so it can boot it up.

For example:

Start Tech2Win, Select Modify / View, Click the grey square to the right that says create new, in the drop down box on the left select default, in the Please enter new name box to the right name it Opel184 Bin, Click Copy then ok, Now click the grey square to the right of where it says "Slot 0: memory card image location" and in the pop up window find the location where you put your .bin file and click on it then click on Save in the lower left hand corner then ok. Now click on the greenish square named Opel184 Bin to boot the .bin up in Tech2Win.

For the Tech2 memorycard You need to have another software called "Memory Card Explorer" to program the .bin to your memory card with in the pcmcia slot in an old laptop that has it, or another software called "Card Writer" to program your Tech2 memory card in the Tech2 connected to your computer with a J2534 connection the same as you would connect your Tech2 to your computer for SPS programming.

How is GDS2 updated?

This is a copy that someone had posted this info in another post but it here for you all to make it easy. If this don't work, you may need a newer version of GDS2 software if your is very old just so you know just in case of that happening

1. Select to show hidden files and folders in windows.

2. Put deliverable in location below and remove current deliverable in there,

C:, ProgramData, GDS 2, PersistentData, Downloads, DataBackups

3. Start GDS 2, and go to Manage Diagnostics Packages, click on Browse, in the open window find the deliverable at the same location you put it in above, click on it and then click open. GDS 2 will restart, Close out of GDS 2.

4. Go back to this location,

C:, ProgramData, GDS 2, PersistentData, Downloads

5. Go in folder "CurrentRelease" copy file "deliverable_OpelVauxhall v2017.01.0" and place into folder "Deliverables" and delete the file that is in there so there isn't two different ones.

6. Restart GDS 2 and it should be up and working to diagnose.

* Credits to spkmal2 in the MHH community.