Sunday, December 27, 2015

GM Tech2 scanner update CD30 to CD30MP3

Here is an example of decoding or deactivating Opel/ Vauxhall Radio CD30MP3 with Tech2 diagnostic scan tool step-by- step.

GM TechⅡ diagnostic scan tool
TIS2000 CD software and USB key


Install and setup GM Tech 2 scanner and TIS2000 software CD
Connect Tech2 main unit with vehicle via OBD socket
Come to Main Menu, select F0: Vehicle Diagnose (Fahrzeug diagnose)

Select vehicle year: 2004
Select vehicle model: Astra-H
Select F5: Information system
Select EHU (Entertainment Head Unit)

Follow the system notice
Select F5: Programming
Select F5: Programming Audio Index

The Tech 2 scanner system then will display Audio index and Audio version information, manually enter the index code

Programming complete, test the radio system on your vehicle
Back to the main menu, exit and disconnect the Tech2 scan tool.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

How to program PCM with GM Tech2 and TIS2000

You need:
GM Tech2 scan tool (Original $2000 -$3000, $309 in obd365)
A laptop or pc running windows xp home
TIS 2000 software CD and USB key (GM Tech2 alone is a scanner, with TIS2000 CD, you are able to do programming)
TIS2000 Software for GM Tech2 GM Tech2
Make sure your vehicle is included in the vehicle coverage in order to carry out the process smoothly please. (GM Tech2 with TIS2000 works better vehicle before 2007 year)
–Insert the TIS 2000 CD into the computer, Tis2000 helps to get the latest calibration for the PCM
–Connect your Tech2 scan tool with laptop with a RS232 pass-thru interface
–Start the GM recalibration software program on your PC and welcome the vehicle information (year, make, model, etc.) program
— Connect the Tech 2 scan tool into the vehicle’s diagnostic socket
–Turn the deice ignition switch on and wait for the start screen
–Confirm the vehicle VIN number
— Choose the operating system, engine, fuel system, speedometer or transmission.
— Select “normal reprogramming” or “VCI” (special modifications).
— Choose the update bulletin/recalibration number from the menu.
–The system now starts transferring data. It will last about 3 minutes. You will notice that the PC screen will display a blue progress bar as the software is uploading to the vehicle. (The GM setup will not allow the same calibration to be reinstalled over itself. Only an updated calibration can be loaded into the vehicle computer.)
–When the system completes loading software, the windows will pops out “PROGRAMMING COMPLETE” message.
–Turn off the Tech2 ignition and disconnect it from the vehicle.

How to program GM Vans Cruise Control with GM Tech2

Here is the instruction on activating cruise control feature for GM Vans by GM Tech II diagnostic scanner. 

Vehicle coverage:
2007-2009 Chevrolet Equinox and Pontiac Torrent mid-size crossovers
2008-2009 GM full size Vans


GM Tech 2 OBD2 diagnostic scan tool

CANdi module

TIS2000 software CD +soft USB key
A laptop running Win XP home
CANdi interface and TIS2000 software CD can be purchased separately. There are several Tech2 packages in obdii365, like GM Tech2 with CANdi interface, GM Tech2 with 32 MB card and TIS2000 etc. You need to get the left stuff.

Programming cruise control with Tech 2 instruction:

Cruise Control Installation

Here are some picture instructions:


BCM programming

1.       Turn the ignition to ON position
2.       Connect the GM Tech2 scanner with vehicle via OBD port
3.       Power up the Tech2 device. Enter the main menu
4.       Select F1: Service Programming System
5.       Select F0:Request Info
6.       Select Continue with USB software key
7.       Select vehicle model Chevrolet or Pontiac
8.       Select vehicle year, like 2007
9.       Select LD TRK, MPV, Incomplete
10.   Select detail specific model: Equinox or Torrent
11.   Follow the system prompts and select Continue with USB soft key
12.   Click Yes to verify the displayed VIN and confirm it is correct
13.   Turn the ignition OFF. Unplug the Tech2 scan tool from the vehicle.
14.   Connect the Tech 2 to the TIS computer
15.   Power up the Tech2 and start running the TIS software program
16.   Select Diagnostic Tool: Tech
17.   Select Programming Process: Replace and Reprogram ECU
18.   Select ECU location: Vehicle
19.   Click Next until the VIN id displayed
20.   Verify the VIN by click Yes and then click Next to continue.
21.   Select Controller: BCM
22.   Select Programming Type: Normal
There are 3 options in the program: System, Interior/Exterior Lighting and Power-train Control.
For System Select Calibration, choose #25828506-Steering Wheel Control UK3
For Interior/Exterior Lighting, choose #25828503(No Fog Lights) or #25828504(With Fog Lights)
For Power-train Control, choose #25828488-Cruise Control K34
23.   Verify calibration files are correct, click Next to continue
24.   When complete load data to Tech2 scanner, click Close
25.   Disconnect TECH2 OBDscanner from TIS2000 and vehicle
26.   Turn the ignition ON and power up the Tech2 device.
27.   Select F1: Service Programming System
28.   Select F0: Program ECU. Verify the VIN is correct.
29.   Follow the screen prompts and click Continue with USB soft key
30.   Wait about 2 minutes to download the data. Then turn off the ignition for 10 sec.

BPP Sensor Calibration

31.   Turn the ignition to ON
32.   Click Continue with USB software key
33.   Click Exit button to back to the Start menu and select F0-Daignostics
34.   Select vehicle year: 2007
35.   Select LD, MPV, Incomplete
36.   Select vehicle model: Chevrolet Truck or Pontiac MPV
37.   Select body: L Body
38.   Select F3-Vehicle Control System
39.   Select engine: (F)3.4L V6 LNJ
40.   Select F2-Module Setup
41.   Select Body Control Module
42.   Select F0-BPP Sensor Calibration. Do not touch the brake pedal and insure that the vehicle is on park.
43.   Click Continue with USB soft key. Press Exit button when all procedures are complete.

Primary Key Configuration

44.   Select F1-Set Up SDM Primary Key in BCM, click Enter
45.   Then the system will prompts: “Procedure Complete”, click Exit button
46.   Turn the ignition OFF for 10sec and then start the engine
47.   Back to TECH2 scanner main menu and select Diagnostics
48.   Select vehicle year: 2007
49.   Select LD, MPV, Incomplete
50.   Select vehicle model: Chevrolet Truck or Pontiac MPV
51.   Select body: L Body
52.   Select F3-Vehicle Control Module
53.   Select F0-Vehicle DTC Information
54.   Select F0-DTC Display
55.   Click View all DTCs with soft key, click Yes to Clear all DTCs.

56.   Drive a road test to make sure the cruise control is working 

Friday, December 18, 2015

GM Tech2 TIS2000 “ERROR! Registry access error”

GM Tech II is a very popular diagnostic scanner. Below is some question asked by customers. Technician’s answer may help you using the GM tech2 scanner easily.
Question one:I installed the Tis2000 software on a VMware, my car is SAAB 2003, when I want to get the security code, the software show me a prompt “ ERROR! Registry access error” as following picture show. What’s the problem?


AnswerThe error shows the driver software of USBKEY has not been installed successfully on your computer. You should notice the driver software CAN NOT be installed on Virtual Machine.
Customer Feedback: I install the driver software again on a new computer with Win XP, it is installed smoothly. After the installation finished, the error never show again.
Question Two:
After I installed the software of Tech 2 on win xp, I want to program ECU for my SAAB. But there shows a error, it says ” E2106: No connection with the handheld device”. Here is the error picture:
Answer:This error shows you did not connect your tech2 device with the computer. To solve this problem, you should connect your gm tech2 with computer by internet access. After they are connected, you can continue programming the ECU.
Customer Feedback: it is right. I connect the tech2 interface with computer by internet access, and i go on programming the ECU. All works fine now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to do GM Tech 2 scanner KEYPAD Test ?

Following are the steps to do keypad test for GM Tech 2 diagnostic scan tool:

Step 1:Select F4 Tool Options

Step 2:Select F3 Self Test

Step 3:Connect the CANdi Interface and ALDL loopback. 

Step 4:Select Selectable Main PCB

Step 5:Select F3 Keypad

Step 6:Press F0 Key

Step 7: Press F1 Key

Picture No.7 is to test F0 key, key Pressed status: pass mean F0 key is working. You have to test one-by-one: F0-F1-F2-F3-F4-F5-F6-F7-F8-F9-EXIT-ENTER-?
Do not skip any of the key.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to install TIS2000 software for GM Tech2 scanner

What the function of TIS2000 software CD?

GM Tech2 is a standalone scan tool mainly used for diagnostic function, but with the additional TIS2000 software dongle, it is possible to carry out ECU programming for GM vehicle models (after 2007).

Operating system:

A laptop with COM port running Windows XP operating system

NOTE: PCs validated to function with all Tech line applications including TIS Service Programming System (SPS). Other laptops may not support SPS or communicate properly with the Tech 2 and will not be supported for hardware communication issues. 

Step-by-step TIS2000 software dongle installation:

1) Insert TIS2000 software CD into the laptop
2) Install the setup driver in the CD
3) Select Activator. Select first one Activator hardware key
4) Load DATA DVD (tis2000+data+0802) to run TIS200 on desktop after compete install the setup. TIS2000 will update the data automatically.
5) Find out and locate SuperPro.dll file in TIS2000 crackfile folder after update data and copy the SuperPro.dll file to “C:Program filescosidsbin”
6) Then run TSI2000 software
7) Connect GM Tech2 device with computer
8) Start ECU programming and follow the windows prompts.

If you order GM Tech2 scanner with Saab software, you’d better choose Saab TIS2000 CD with USB key. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

How to disable Corvette C5 F55 with GM Tech2 scanner

So here I would like to share my experience disabling F55 and reflashing DBS using GM Tech2 scan tool. I have a 2005 c5 F55 with heads, cam, injectors, etc. tuned with HP tuners. I did some search about having the DBS reflash and F55 disable done and I read in a couple blogs and threads that people are unsure whether the DBS reflash or any other BCM changes will affect custom ECU tunes. I had the tech do these two changes to the BCM and checked the car after each.
Disclaimer: Please strictly follow the steps in case anything goes wrong. The F55 disabling and DBS reflashing are on your own risk.
First I had the tech do the DBS reflash for me in about 10 min. My tune was NOT affected and the car started and ran normally.
I then had him disable the F55 suspension. Again, my tune was NOT affected and the car started and ran normally.
It is also worth noting that HP Tuners can NOT make changes to the BCM.
If you are looking to disable your F55 using the GM TECH 2 scanner:
1. Hook up Tech 2, turn car ON, make sure module in the rear is PLUGGED IN. Do Not unplug the rear module.
2. Go to diagnostics — Body — BCM — BCM Special functions — BCM Setup.
3. Delete the F45 option ( F55 did not appear on the menu screen on the Tech 2, use F45)
F55 did not appear on the menu screen on the Tech 2, use F45
4. Save new configuration.
5. Do not turn car off, do not remove Tech 2, go to the module in the rear of the car, unplug the grey connector( the widest one) leave the center plug in and the smaller black plug in.
6. Turn off car leave Tech 2 plugged in.
7. Remove remaining plugs from module in the rear of car.
8. Turn car on to verify the “Max speed 80 mph” is gone.
9. Unplug Tech 2 and put tools away.
Then you have to follow the bouncing ball of checking off RPO Codes. When you get to F55 set it to disabled.

How to disable GM Saab TPMS with GM Tech2 scanner

GM Tech2Ⅱ scanner
CANdi interface (CANBUS)
32 MB PCMPIA memory card
A subscription Saab TIS2000 software CD
A laptop with wireless internet connection
CANdi interface, TIS2000 software CD and 32 MB card for gm tech2 can be purchased separately. GM Tech2 scan tool often comes with CANdi interface or TIS2000 software CD, you need to get the left stuff. If you need to do Saab vehicles, choose specific Saab TIS2000 software instead.
Vehicle model example: GM Saab 9-3
ⅠRemove BCM
Install 32MB card into GM Tech2 diagnostic scanner.
Install 32MB card into GM Tech2
Install GM Tech2 scan tool with CANdi interface connect it with vehicle via OBD socket
Install GM Tech2 scan tool with CANdi interface
Select model year
Select 9-3(9440)
Select Diagnostics
Select ALL
Select Add/Remove
Select BCM (Body Control Module)
Select Remove
ⅡRe-add the BCM
After removed the BCM, repeat the previous procedures and select Add
At this time, GM tech2 will list long lists of options for the car, like truck the presence of several optional items, like trunk switch in driver’s door, sunroof, TPMS, etc. For the functions you are not sure, Tech II scanner has an Auto-Suggest feature, where it will suggest the correct option.
Select vehicle region: EU (Europe)
(Do not select US for cars in US market are strictly set)
Select “Without TPMS” when the system pops out TPMS is preset notice
Answer the system questions prompted and instructions
Ⅲ Disable TPMS
Select model year
Select 9-3 (9440)
Select Diagnostics
Select All
Select Add/Remove
Select TPMM (Tire Pressure Monitoring Module)
Select Remove
The TPMS is successfully disabled.
Disconnect GM Tech2 from car’s OBD diagnostic socket.